Brennan Adelaide Heil


Brennan Heil was born singing, dancing and performing. At the age of 7 she auditioned for her first role, and sang the lead. From that moment on, Brennan was hooked as she knew her ability to perform created connections and happiness in her community. After numerous stage performances and awards, it was really her many class experiences at UCLA performing arts that helped her find her true love: the medium of Film and Televsion. At the age of 17, Brennan left her beloved family and friends for a scholarship opportunity to study acting in film and television with Relativity Media in Los Angeles.

Her studies at Relativity have broadened her scope and given her experience in stage combat, breath, dramatic and comedic acting. She has also performed in national commercials, several short films and 4 television shows to air this fall. A recent Relativity graduate, Brennan is continuing her studies in acting at the University of Southern California School of the Dramatic Arts.


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